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Drive More Sales when You Build Community with Referral Marketing Campaigns

Learn more about how customer referral programs work thanks to communities where loyal customers are willing to share products on a company’s behalf.

Brands that Win Know How to Build Large Referral Communities

They make it easy, sometimes even fun, for customers to share a love for their brand. They also know those feelings are heightened at certain points along the brand journey, such as saving items to a wishlist, at checkout, or unboxing a newly shipped product.

Capturing those moments, that energy, requires technology and savvy. 

That’s where Talkable comes in. We’re the inventors of referral marketing, and industry leaders in referral solutions built for enterprise marketers who are serious about sustainable, compound revenue growth. We work with some of the world’s leading brands who know the value of creating thoughtful and personalized customer experiences. We create spaces where people can enjoy the reward of incentives while sharing their brand experience with friends, family or colleagues. 

Make it easy for customers to become brand loyalists, and watch that all-important customer community grow.


Community is the Opportunity

The strongest, healthiest communities are built on trust. They’re places where people share information, offer guidance, and make decisions based on the recommendations of people they trust.  When it comes to the success of customer referral programs, the size of the customer community, and the ability of referral customers to actually refer with agility and purpose can have a huge impact. That’s why it’s important to make it as easy and engaging as possible for customers to become referral customers.

Meeting customers where they are is key to creating successful brand experiences. Talkable’s proprietary technology has been perfected over the last decade to capture shopper insights that inform referral marketing campaigns that convert. 

Earlier, we mentioned the idea of “capturing those moments”. We’re referring to those times where your customers feel their best about your brand. Why not give them a chance right there, to have fun with your brand? It’s a proven way to grow your referral community and enhance the brand experience all at the same time. Win, win.


A Human Approach

To compete in today’s world, automated referral solutions are a must. And just as it’s important to focus on the human experience with brands, Talkable is investing in the day-to-day needs of the people on our client marketing teams that can benefit from our outside, expert perspectives. These teams need more than automated tools — they need support.


Our technology is leading the way, but we’re bringing more than that to the referral marketing scene.  Every day, we’re working closely with our clients to build and strengthen customer communities and increase their impact on their referral programs — and sales.”

Sara Cook, Head of Marketing  at Talkable



It’s all about helping marketing teams build communities of good customers through referral and acquisition. As more referral customers populate your current base, and your reputation continues to shine and grow, brand loyalty and retention rates increase.


Why Talkable?

$1 Billion Dollars in Talkable Powered Referral Solutions

Repeat Shoppers are 4X More Likely to Refer a Friend

Your Customers are 7X More Likely to Come Back if You Reward Them


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