Luxury Apparel Brand Case Study: Friends and Family campaign

Talkable partnered with a global luxury apparel brand to launch a “Friends and Family” campaign; it boosted AOV and brought thousands of new customers.

Talkable partnered with a global luxury apparel brand to launch a “Friends and Family” campaign in record time. The campaign boosted the AOV and brought thousands of new customers. 

About Campaign

Talkable initially worked with the brand’s sister company to create, deploy, and optimize its referral marketing campaign. When the team learned about Talkable’s capabilities they partnered together to create a microsite in record time to launch a new, highly segmented, referral marketing campaign. Due to internal restraints, the brand's team partnered with Talkable to design a microsite and emails for their “Friend’s and Family” campaign. 

Promotion of the Campaign

  1. The initial campaign promotion included specific targeting and segmentation of “friends” via email and in their onsite experience. 
  2. There was then a second layer of segmentation added to the targeting, followed by multiple suppression lists to hyper-focus on the right audience for the campaign. The brand also encouraged employees to share the promotion digitally with friends and family using the link, and an added push notification. 
  3. The final layer of promotion for the campaign was on Facebook and Instagram, indicating to customers that they had to pull their unique code from their email to get the discount. They also pulsed the promotion in their Instagram stories for the first time. 


There were several restraints during a campaign launch:

  • A large volume of pre-scheduled emails due to promote a Labor Day Sale forced the team to adjust the day and time of the launch.
  • Onsite real estate was already reserved for another campaign, so the team was unable to promote the campaign on the homepage.


  • AOV increased within this Friends and Family campaign by 32%.
  • The Referral campaign drove over 4k shares, over 1.5k referral offer redemptions, and included new email opt-ins.
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