Full Focus Planner Case Study: expanding the brand's contact list

Talkable’s email capture brought significant orders and revenue uplift for Full Focus Planner through technology optimization and design enhancements.

Full Focus Planner is a fast-growing Inc. 5000 company built by New York Times Bestselling author, Michael Hyatt, and his daughter, Megan Hyatt Miller. They have discovered an achievement system that works, combining the latest science in productivity and goal-setting, and sold more than 350,000 copies of the planner worldwide. 

Client objectives

Before Talkable, the company was using another popular email capture tool, and its performance was satisfactory. The initial goal was to expand the brand's contact list for prospective customers and convert them to paid planner subscribers.

full focus planner email capture campaign

Full Focus Planner email capture pop-up, powered by Talkable


Full Focus Planner had already been partnering with Talkable on a successful refer-a-friend program and decided to try the newest member of the Talkable product family, email capture. Talkable’s email capture brought more orders and significantly more revenue for Full Focus Planner. This was achieved through technology optimization and design enhancements:

  • a higher page load speed, so that the pop-up received more views, 
  • precise targeting for first-time buyers,
  • 7-second intentional delay before showing the pop-up, which was an optimal time to engage customers with the product first,
  • and a new and inviting sleek design.



(compared to previous email capture provider):

  • 70% more conversions 
  • 2.5X more revenue 
  • 38% higher AOV


  I like that we can track the number of emails captured and our conversion rate in the Talkable dashboard, right along with our referral program metrics.

marissa hyatt   
    Marissa Hyatt,
    Director of Marketing 


decorate navigation - referral program talkable

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