Hydrow Case Study: in-app referral program

Besides the ongoing optimization of the referral program, Talkable also enabled an in-app referral program. It showed great results, with ROI reaching 198X.


About the Company

Hydrow produces a state-of-the-art connected fitness machine that grants access to world-class waterways, the sport’s most elite athletes, whole-body health, and a global community. The rower engages up to 86% of major muscle groups during the workout and provides over 3000 unique workout experiences. These experiences are the most compelling benefit of Hydrow — with a 22-inch monitor through which clients can follow custom classes led by world-class athletes, including Olympians and Paralympians. 


Hydrow became a Talkable partner in February 2021 and launched a standard referral program. The company was looking for ways to turn the referral program into a larger contributing channel that could boost overall growth. The Hydrow team also wanted to gain a deeper understanding of which customer types refer more often, who becomes true brand advocates, and what messaging works best and when. Talkable knew just what Hydrow needed; advanced program optimization through A/B testing and audience segmentation. 


Besides the ongoing optimization of the referral program, Talkable also enabled an in-app referral program. Hydrow was working on their app, as the majority of users use mobile and wanted to include referral campaigns also. The perfect solution was to integrate with the Talkable SDK. 

In addition to the SDK, Talkable helped to implement a Native-share-only feature, which enables sharing of the referral link through users’ most-used apps and messengers. This helps to make sharing process faster and easier for advocates and their friends. For Hydrow, Native-share-only resulted in 40% more customer conversions, compared to usual sharing screens performance.



The in-app referral campaign showed great results, with ROI reaching 198X in the second month after the launch. The advocacy rate of 13% is a bit higher than the industry average, while the 38% conversion rate is much higher than the benchmark. Every 3rd customer who joined via a referral link made at least one purchase. Talkable and Hydrow continue to partner together and optimize each step of the referral customer journey. 

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