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Leverage the Power of Video in eCommerce: Introducing Talkable Video

This trailblazing feature is all set to redefine how retail eCommerce brands utilize user-generated content for bolstering customer engagement, boosting virality, and increasing revenue.

The Next Evolution of Referral Marketing: Talkable Video 

Are you making the most of video content in your eCommerce marketing strategy? Have you been considering a shift from a traditional referral program to something more dynamic?

Talkable invented referral marketing 13 years ago by launching the post-purchase pop up. We revolutionized the game AGAIN!

Talkable Video (patent pending): this trailblazing feature is all set to redefine how retail eCommerce brands utilize user-generated content (#ugc) for bolstering customer engagement, boosting virality, and subsequently, increasing revenue.


Rise of Video UGC: A Game Changer

The digital arena is witnessing a swift metamorphosis, with video ascending as the most influential content type. A 2022 study by Cisco revealed that video traffic represented 82% of all consumer internet traffic, and this upward trend shows no signs of slowing down in 2023 and beyond. Furthermore, Forbes reports that video UGC is 50% more credible than other media formats. Given these compelling figures, it's clear that video is a vital instrument for eCommerce brands seeking to unlock the full power of customer referrals.


Talkable Video: Catalyzing Referrals through UGC

Our innovative Talkable Video feature allows your customers to generate and share engaging, genuine videos that broadcast their affinity for your brand. Not only does this nurture a robust sense of community, but it also takes advantage of the virality of #video UGC, thereby driving traffic and conversions.

According to Adweek, video UGC gets shared 12 times more than text and image content combined. Incorporating Talkable Video into your marketing mix will let your brand tap into this virality, thereby optimizing customer acquisition through referral marketing.


Talkable's Track Record and the Promise of Video

Talkable's platform and our expert Customer Success Managers have already achieved remarkable results for a multitude of eCommerce brands. Thanks to data-driven optimizations from Talkable, clients like Pura Vida typically enjoy a 12% incremental revenue boost. Our referral platform's customization capacity has resulted in a staggering 100X ROI for James Allan.

We're confident that the integration of Talkable Video will further amplify these outcomes. The fusion of our trusted referral platform with the unmatched engagement and virality of video UGC is primed to turbocharge your brand's customer #acquisition strategy.

talkable video

Unveiling Key Features and Advantages

  • Human Touch: Video brings personality, a face, and voice to your referral marketing efforts.
  • Effortless Sharing: Talkable Video is crafted for easy sharing through SMS, email, and social media platforms, thereby maximizing engagement and conversions.
  • Video UGC Library: Identify your true brand advocates. Capture genuine moments and praises from your customers and repurpose them across different channels.
  • Fully Integrated Solution: Talkable Video integrates smoothly with your existing Talkable platform, making campaign setup, management, and optimization a breeze.


Embrace the Future of Referral Marketing

It's high time for #retail #ecommerce brands to adapt to the swiftly changing digital landscape. By incorporating Talkable Video into your marketing plan, you can leverage the unrivaled virality and engagement that video UGC provides.

Don't let this chance to revamp your brand's customer acquisition strategy pass you by. Get in touch with our team today to discover how Talkable Video can propel your brand to new heights.

Enhance your referral marketing strategy with Talkable Video




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