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Talkable Integration with Rybbon: 50+ Customer Reward Options

With Talkable and Rybbon together, you will have even more digital rewards options to integrate into your referral marketing program.


We have exciting news this wonderful day as we’re announcing our deep integration with Rybbon, a digital gift and rewards provider, to develop the superior customer experience. With Talkable and Rybbon together, you will have even more digital rewards options to integrate into your referral marketing program. 

What to expect 

Rybbon rewards will be available as a new incentive option to use in your Talkable account. Your advocate can easily choose their gift from top brands like Amazon, Apple, and Visa. A selection of over 50 US & international digital rewards, including VISA and Mastercard are available. 

“We’re excited about this integration with Rybbon, as it allows us to provide a wide choice of referral rewards for our merchants, and to create an even more effective referral program and personalized experience for the end consumer”, said Talkable CEO, Summer Lindman. 

A wide choice of rewards, including monetary and gift cards, helps attract influencers to participate in your company’s referral program. Additionally, digital rewards may become your company’s preferred incentive of choice when coupons, discounts, and rebates are not relevant or play a smaller role (especially during seasonal sales) or when they lose their appeal to top advocates who refer very frequently.

“Rybbon’s digital rewards are a great compliment to Talkable’s referral marketing platform,” said Jignesh Shah, CEO and Co-Founder of Rybbon.  “Top advocates will find digital rewards to be extremely relevant and motivating, and Rybbon’s rewards gallery enables advocates to choose the exact gift they prefer.” 

With some of our clients, we saw that gift cards as an incentive were able to double the effectiveness of their referral programs in comparison to monetary discounts. This was especially the case for brands with a low number of SKUs and products that are rarely bought. 

In addition to these benefits, Rybbon guarantees a 100% refund for unsent or unclaimed rewards. As a result, customers have 100% transparency in their incentives programs and their marketing expenditures are 100% performance-based.    

Getting started with Rybbon and Talkable is simple and easy. Clients can connect their Rybbon and Talkable accounts by themselves in minutes. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions. We’d love to hear from you!   


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