Pura Vida Case Study: boosting sales through referrals

By leveraging the Talkable platform, Pura Vida is able to drive 12% of total sales revenue from referrals, while preventing unauthorized purchases.

Client objective

Pura Vida worked with a popular vendor, which claimed to be driving 10% of total sales from referrals. The sales revenue figure sounded promising, but the team was suspicious that unauthorized transactions might be inflating this figure. Pura Vida needed to find a more robust platform with the ability to run campaigns with greater incentives without the fear of being ripped off.


The Customer Success team at Talkable advised Pura Vida to pursue the same offer, confident that the platform would outperform the prior vendor. Talkable explained how its fraud prevention algorithm learns from each transaction and adapts to prevent unauthorized rewards from being issued. Pura Vida provided Talkable with data logs from their prior vendor to perform a fraud detection assessment.

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  • Talkable analyzed historical data provided by Pura Vida and determined that the prior vendor’s 10% revenue contribution claim was exaggerated.
  • Talkable was able to dramatically increase performance, while keeping the offer constant by introducing better creative, increasing campaign visibility, and optimizing with A/B testing.
  • By leveraging the Talkable platform, Pura Vida is able to drive 12% of total sales revenue from referralswhile preventing unauthorized purchases.

    Fraud is so rampant in the referral space and we take solace knowing that Talkable is the authority on preventing it from happening. When we see a report that shows stellar results, we know it’s true! We couldn’t imagine a better partner in helping us be successful.

Griffin Thall, CEO

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