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How Three eCommerce Giants Increased Referral Conversion Rates By 35%+ With Talkable and KnoCommerce

Elevate eCommerce sales by integrating referral, survey and review programs. See how SwimOutlet, PuraVida, & Olipop boosted conversions by up to 400%.

You’re not making it easy for your most engaged consumers to share their love of the brand. We can fix that. 


"I love that we can reward our customers through a referral path when confirming a high NPS score. It's a no brainer to have your customers continue down the path of referral once they complete a positive survey!"

- Alexander S., SwimOutlet CMO


Our partner, KnoCommerce, stated in their 2023 recap report 43% of conversion driving results come from referrals, word-of-mouth, and past brand interaction. Enterprise eCommerce brands are leaving money on the table by not optimizing their refer-a-friend revenue stream. Talkable customers PuraVida, SwimOutlet and Olipop saw double (even quadruple) referral conversion rates when they integrated their Talkable referral campaign with their KnoCommerce review campaign. 

Spotlight Results: 

          • SwimOutlet: 35% increase in referral conversion rate
          • PuraVida: 100% increase in referral advocacy rate
          • Olipop: 400% increase in referral advocacy rate



The primary goal was to amplify the top-of-funnel activity for SwimOutlet, PuraVida and Olipop, leveraging the synergy between referral programs and customer reviews. The strategy focused on enhancing share and advocacy rates by integrating referral flows with existing rating and review processes. This integration aimed to boost sales and conversion rates, capitalizing on the tendency of customers to trust and purchase from brands referred by friends and family.



The significant challenge was for Talkable to seamlessly integrate with KnoCommerce, a premier post-purchase survey (PPS) platform providing valuable customer insights through surveys. The integration needed to be smooth and efficient to ensure a cohesive user experience.


Strategy and Solution:

The solution revolved around harnessing the power of positive post-purchase experiences. Customers who left favorable reviews or ratings were encouraged to share their experiences with their network. This approach not only increased brand visibility but also leveraged the credibility that comes with personal recommendations.

Key to this strategy was the integration of Talkable with KnoCommerce. This integration allowed for a more tailored approach where offers could be customized based on the customer's post-purchase experience and demographic data. By aligning referral and review processes, the two systems worked in tandem, creating a more powerful tool for customer acquisition and conversion.


Increased Top-of-Funnel Activity: The integrated approach led to a significant increase in brand exposure and customer engagement at the top of the sales funnel.

Higher Advocacy and Share Rates: Customers were more inclined to share their positive experiences when seamlessly prompted after leaving a review or rating.

Boost in Sales and Conversion Rates: Referrals from trusted sources, like friends and family, resulted in higher conversion rates, capitalizing on the trust factor inherent in personal recommendations.


See it in Action

Video of how the talkable and knocommerce integration


The Data Behind the Impact: 

  • Increase in Conversion Rates: SwimOutlet experiences a 19% conversion rate for friends referred through KnoCommerce integration, which is 35% higher than their post-purchase conversions without a review. This suggests that the integration is highly effective in improving the likelihood of referrals converting into customers.

  • Doubling Advocacy Rates: Pura Vida sees a 9% advocacy rate with the review campaign integration, which is double that of other sources. This indicates that a positive review significantly boosts the willingness of existing customers to refer new ones, enhancing the overall effectiveness of their referral program.

  • Quadrupling Advocacy Rates for High Engagement: Olipop demonstrates an even more dramatic increase, with a 43% advocacy rate, which is four times higher than from non-review campaigns. This showcases the integration’s potential to dramatically elevate engagement and participation in referral programs among customers.

Talkable offers an innovative end-to-end solution for referral marketing, emphasizing measurable revenue growth and efficient customer acquisition. Our platform, completely managed by our expert customer managed services, minimizes reliance on internal resources for design and optimization. Specializing in continuous program enhancements and seasonal campaigns, we ensure effective, reward-based referrals, making it a key component of your acquisition and retention strategy. 


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