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ByHeart Launches a Fully Customized Referral Program 2 Days Before Black Friday

The program aimed to measurably increase sales, but also achieve ByHeart's goals of maximizing profits and deepening customer relationships during one of the busiest shopping seasons of the year.

You don't have to sacrifice quality to move fast. 


"We came to Talkable with a request to start a referral program – from scratch – within 7 days and they made it happen. If you know how long software onboarding can take, you know this was a modern miracle! They stayed in constant communication with us, supported our many requests, and helped us launch a program with meaningful results just before the holidays. We couldn't have done it without the Talkable team!"

- Val Geisler, Director of Lifecycle, CRM, & Retention | ByHeart




Recognizing the unique opportunity that Black Friday presents for eCommerce brands to boost their sales and profits, ByHeart identified a pivotal moment to introduce a referral program.

The brand sought to capitalize on this high-traffic period by encouraging their existing customer base to refer friends and family, aiming to create a compelling, authentic experience that benefits both new and existing customers.

ByHeart's strategy focused on enhancing customer loyalty and reducing acquisition costs through a referral program that was both customized and optimized for effectiveness. Leveraging Talkable's platform, renowned for its emphasis on integrating people and product technology,

This approach not only promised to increase sales lift but also positioned Talkable as the ideal partner for achieving ByHeart's goals of maximizing profits and deepening customer relationships during one of the busiest shopping seasons of the year.



With Black Friday looming just seven days ahead, ByHeart approached Talkable with a challenging request: to design, implement, and integrate a uniquely branded and optimized referral campaign in time for the critical shopping event.


Strategy and Solution:

Customizations and Segmentation:

The program was aimed to engage and delight current ByHeart customers. Talkable’s platform allowed ByHeart to segment their offers based on purchase information and customer behaviors.

High Converting Campaign Placements:

14 years ago, Talkable built the first platform for refer-a-friend marketing, inventing concepts such as post-purchase referrals and campaign-driven referral marketing. Over the years, Talkable has maintained a laser focus on referral conversion rate optimization, developing features and processes to continuously increase referral conversion rates.

Strategic Rewards and Incentives:

Rewards were thoughtfully aligned with ByHeart's brand values, ensuring that each referral felt more like a shared celebration rather than a transaction. The strategy was to genuinely appreciate existing customers for their loyalty and to entice them to spread the word by giving them the ability to share an offer with their friends that is better than any publicly available offers on the site.

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The Impact: 

In the face of the bustling Black Friday season, ByHeart, in collaboration with Talkable, unveiled a highly customizable and measurable referral program, skillfully executed within a mere 2 days prior to the shopping extravaganza.

This strategic move, supported by Talkable's Customer Success and Implementation teams, ensured the program's alignment with ByHeart's unique brand essence without sacrificing its effectiveness.

The initiative was not just about capitalizing on the high-traffic period but was specifically designed to deepen customer loyalty, reduce acquisition costs, and significantly boost sales through a bespoke referral program. This collaboration underscored the power of leveraging existing customer networks to drive sales, demonstrating Talkable's adeptness in creating impactful, customer-centric referral solutions that resonate with brand values and deliver measurable results.

Talkable offers an innovative end-to-end solution for referral marketing, emphasizing measurable revenue growth and efficient customer acquisition. Our platform, completely managed by our expert customer managed services, minimizes reliance on internal resources for design and optimization. Specializing in continuous program enhancements and seasonal campaigns, we ensure effective, reward-based referrals, making it a key component of your acquisition and retention strategy. 


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