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Growth Marketing Strategies

10 Customer Loyalty Campaigns We Are Obsessed With

It is important to foster your customer relationships. One way of doing so is through loyalty programs for your customers for their continued...

Advocacy Marketing 101

Everything you need to know about advocacy marketing, and how the voice of loyal customers can bring substantial value to any business.

Referral Marketing

Creating an Advocacy Marketing Strategy

Your customers should be your brand’s biggest advocates. Advocacy marketing strategy gives them something to talk about.

Referral Marketing

10 Loyalty Campaigns We Are Obsessed With

When deciding how to structure your loyalty program, there are many different approaches. We share ten of our favorites for you to get inspiration...

Product Sharing 101

Product sharing encourages word-of-mouth sales by incentivizing customers to share a specific product, rather than just linking to the brand.

Referral Marketing

Talkable App Store Release

Today we’re excited to introduce the new Talkable app store — built to help clients superb improve their referral programs with various additions!

eCommerce Trends

The Top 8 eCommerce Trends of 2020

In 2019, the eCommerce industry worldwide made $3.46 trillion in sales. What’s going to happen with the eCommerce world in 2020?

eCommerce Trends

How to calculate referral program revenue

By consulting industry benchmarks, your volume numbers, and a simple formula you can project your referral program revenue.

Best practices

Referral Email Marketing Best Practices

Talkable’s email conversion-to-purchase rate is 94.4%. Email can be a great channel for promoting, sharing, and converting your referrals.

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