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Crush the 2023 Holiday Season with Data-Driven Referral Campaigns

Launch personalized referral campaigns early this holiday season - AI gifting recommendations, limited-time offers, convenient mobile sharing, and tailored post-purchase incentives can drive referral revenue growth.

The 2023 holidays are fast approaching, and referral marketing presents a major opportunity for e-commerce brands. According to Talkable data, 77% of clients saw growth in referral revenue during Black Friday week in 2022.  

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This holiday season, we recommend launching personalized and convenient referral campaigns early to drive results. Here are 5 tips:


1. Start Early 

40% of 2022 shoppers finished 31% of holiday shopping by mid-October. Kick things off in October with early access referral promotions or increased incentives for top advocates. 


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2. Personalize with AI

AI-powered product research will shape 2023 shopping. Consider AI elements in referral campaigns like personalized gift guide recommendations based on purchase history. Adding a chatbot to automate gift suggestions based on the recipient can streamline the referral process.


3. Create Urgency

Use limited-time offers, countdowns and post-holiday flash deals to incentivize immediate action. Email past customers who missed big sales to remind them of referral perks. Setting up automated reminders about expiring referral codes ensures customers take action before it's too late.


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4. Offer Convenience

Optimization during high-demand Cyber Week (Thanksgiving through Cyber Monday) drove a 20% Q4 sales surge in 2022. Ensure seamless mobile sharing and personalized incentives. Simplifying the referral process for mobile makes it more convenient for customers to refer on-the-go.


5. Maximize Post-Purchase

Offer higher value advocates tailored post-purchase referral incentives. Talkable clients have doubled revenue here. Following up with customers after a purchase to suggest relevant people to refer increases post-purchase referrals.

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This holiday season, data-backed referral campaigns can unlock major growth. Let us know how we can help design the perfect strategies to engage your customers and outperform the competition!

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