Referral Campaigns We Love: Rybbon Gifting Edition

Referral campaigns examples with gifting incentive ideas for eCommerce brands with low margins or cautious rewards policy

This edition of Referral Campaigns We Love will be dedicated to gifting incentive ideas that eCommerce brands use in their referral programs. Gift cards or monetary rewards have a way of producing better results than traditional coupons and discounts, for some brands. Specific use-cases for a brand when they might consider a gift card or monetary reward are as follows:

  • A brand has low margins and needs to be cautious with giving away excessive rewards;
  • The brand is looking for unique ways to reward influencers who refer very frequently. 

Our partner Rybbon, a digital gift and rewards provider, helps eCommerce retailers to find the best-suited reward option for their referral programs. Together with the Rybbon team, we have chosen 4 referral campaigns that use gift cards in the most effective way.

Chili Technology 

Cooling sleep systems brand Chili Technology not only helps customers to enjoy a better sleep but also offers more freedom to brand advocates with choosing their own reward. Instead of providing a discount, the brand incentivizes referral offer with a $25 Amazon gift card. This is a great universal reward option for products that have lower purchase frequency, like mattresses and home appliances. 


chili technology referral program


Bluetooth speaker brand Soundboks provide even more reward flexibility: advocates could choose between a $50 Amazon gift card or a  $50 Visa gift card. Friends receive a generous $50 discount for their first order. 


soundboks referral program talkable


eMeals, a simple-to-use meal planning app, has an in-app referral program with a straightforward reward. Both an advocate and a friend receive a $10 reward with a wide variety of gift card options; from Sephora to Starbucks. Rybbon can be flexible with “gift card of choice”, and help brands adapt rewards choice to location, user segment, or other demo/geo specifics. 

emeals referral program talkable


Another meal planner app, Platejoy, has an in-app referral program with differing rewards for an advocate and for a friend. While the friend receives $10 off the membership, the advocate can choose between Amazon, Walmart, and WholeFoods gift cards. This way, PlateJoy makes sure its brand advocates have a choice but stays within the meal planning and grocery shopping ecosystem to spend their rewards. 


platejoy referral program talkable


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