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Talkable's Loyalty Program for LaserAway, the Aesthetic Dermatology Company

The loyalty program is designed to retain and engage customers both online and in-store while promoting brand advocacy through a referral program.

Talkable has launched a loyalty program for LaserAway in October 2021. The loyalty program is designed to retain and engage customers both online and in-stores while promoting brand advocacy through an integrated referral program.

Talkable designed a tiered, omnichannel loyalty program that has both free and paid membership types. The paid membership provides more than $2,000 worth of value, and 2X points value compared to the free membership, allowing paid members to rack up points faster and redeem more quickly.

LaserAway Loyalty Program designed by Talkable
LaserAway Loyalty Program designed by Talkable


The program was built on the basis of LaserAway customers' preferences and purchase behavior. Through the series of customer surveys and polls, LaserAway in partnership with Talkable uncovered which services and perks high-value customers prefer, and architected a strategy where those services and perks could be redeemed as a result of participating in the rewards program. LaserLove Rewards strategically introduces customers to adjacent products and services outside of their standard purchases, designed to increase brand affinity and brand loyalty.

LaserLove Rewards also has an inlaid referral program, leveraging a "Name Sharing" campaign, that makes giving coupons and discounts to friends easier for brand advocates.

"We had a great group of individuals on both teams really come together to create an amazing experience for customers." - says Robert Potter, Talkable Enterprise Product Manager, - "Both teams focused on bringing as much value to loyalty members as possible and we did an exceptional job at accomplishing this. If someone hasn't had a reason to try LaserAway yet, joining the LaserLove Rewards program is the perfect reason to give them a try."

"Talkable was able to bring our vision to life when it came to creating a loyalty program, unlike anything which exists today in the aesthetic industry. The patient experience is a core value at LaserAway and it was critical that we took the time to create a frictionless customer-centric program that awards loyalty based on what the customer wants and values. We look forward to our continued partnership with Talkable and having the LaserLove Rewards Program live Nationwide by December 2021" - said Emily Sehbe, Head of Experience and Engagement at LaserAway.

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