Attentive Launches Technology Partnership Program

With brands shifting focus to leverage SMS as a stronger referral channel, Talkable is excited to announce a new strategic partnership with Attentive!

Have you noticed that your phone usage is increasing over the last 3 months? We thought so. Because of this trend, Talkable began monitoring mobile engagement more closely than ever and is now seeing an increase in shares and friend referral clicks that are coming from mobile devices.

With brands shifting focus to leverage SMS as a stronger referral communication channel, Talkable is excited to announce our new strategic partnership with Attentive!  We’re looking forward to providing enhanced referral marketing capabilities that leverage their leading text message platform solutions.

Learn more about Attentive’s Partnership Program below!

Attentive®, the personalized mobile messaging SaaS platform for brands and organizations, has officially launched its new Technology Partnership Program. This program is designed to expand technical partnerships and build integrations that provide Attentive’s customers with enhanced abilities to connect with their e-commerce platform, CRM, ESP, and more to centralize customer data and build comprehensive text messaging strategies.

Official members of Attentive’s Technology Partnership Program will receive access to a dedicated resource center, sales enablement training, prioritization for joint marketing opportunities, and visibility within Attentive’s Partner Directory to help customers find top-notch partners that best fit their business goals.

This program will help explore new areas of innovation with technology partners to better support Attentive’s customers, and expand native capabilities when used together. It is Attentive’s priority to understand customers’ technology stacks and build partnerships that improve ease of data sharing across platforms for enhanced cross-channel list growth, segmentation, message personalization, and two-way communication.

Members of Attentive’s Technology Partnership Program receive the following unique benefits:

  • Access to elevated support
  • Revenue share for referrals
  • Access to a dedicated resource center
  • Inclusion in co-marketing opportunities
  • Exclusive use of the Attentive Technology Partner Badge

Attentive is a trusted partner of leading technology providers including Daasity, Shopify, Optimove, Gorgias, mParticle, Sailthru, and Talkable. Featured technology partners can be viewed on Attentive’s Partner directory.

“Attentive’s Technology Partnership Program is a strategic step in supporting our customers and building upon our industry-leading text messaging platform. This program further solidifies the investment we are making in the success of our customers, product, and the broader technology market,” said Allison Kelly, Head of Technology Partnerships at Attentive. “Attentive is committed to continued innovation in our space, and I would anticipate more exciting announcements and product integrations to come for quite some time.”

For more information about this program visit Attentive’s Partner page.

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