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Personalized SMS Referral Experience: Attentive Integration Launch

Talkable became an official partner with Attentive to deliver efficient referral marketing campaigns for eCommerce brands

We are more than happy to announce the official integration with Attentive! It was one of the most requested and long-awaited integrations from our clients. It allows users to leverage SMS as another touchpoint and channel in the buyer's journey to encourage customers to not only refer their friends but also remind them of rewards they are able to redeem. 

Attentive is the leading text message marketing solution that personalizes SMS experiences for eCommerce brands. Power users like TOMS, Eleven by Venus, Los Angeles Apparel, Everyday Yoga, Super73, and SwimOutlet, have already launched integrated programs, and we expect a wave of brands to follow. 


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Here are all features that are available at the moment:

  • Сapture customers’ phone numbers through Talkable Referral Marketing Placements and automatically pass them to the Attentive platform messaging flow.
  • Promote your refer-a-friend program to your SMS list to increase sharing and engagement. Mobile messages have a 99% open rate.
  • Segment customers using custom attributes and properties from Talkable, then using those custom attributes,  create segments for targeted messaging from Attentive. 
  • Coming soon: The ability to trigger referral messages through SMS for increased engagement. For example, sending advocates their referral reward via text for increased redemptions and repeat purchases.

More powerful features to come - follow our updates here or on social media:

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