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Referral Marketing Guide Highlights


  • How to incorporate referral marketing into your strategy and the user journey
  • Why referral marketing is the most cost-efficient customer acquisition channel
  • James Allen and Outdoor Research Case Studies 

How It Works

  • Metrics, benchmarks, and analytics of a successful referral program
  • Types of incentives and placements - and how to choose what is best for your brand
  • Program promotion best practices from the Talkable Customer Success Team

How to Launch

  • Actionable worksheet for program launch, with marketing roles and budget estimation
  • How to launch a referral program in-house or with the help of a vendor
  • Checklist for choosing vendors

Our Mission Is to Change the Way Consumers Shop Online

Talkable’s mission is to create a curated customer experience that allows shoppers to discover new products and services and spread the word, ultimately creating powerful brand advocates.

In order to deliver upon this mission, Talkable has banded together a team of creative, dedicated, and warm individuals who are creating a transparent, welcoming, and inclusive environment for our colleagues and customers. 


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