Why Do You Always Make the Same Decision? Intro to Cognitive Fluency

Why Do You Always Make the Same Decision? Intro to Cognitive Fluency

The brain is a muscle. A powerful muscle. A remarkable device. However, like most muscles- it comes with limitations. Research has proven that our rational brain can only handle a few pieces of information at a time. It’s one of the flaws of the brain in decision-making. We often rely on decision shortcuts, or ‘decision heuristics’ as scientists call them, to help improve the speed at which we make decisions…and well, make our lives easier. These shortcuts keep us productive and progressing. For instance, when it comes to making purchasing decisions, 59% of people consult friends or family for personal advice.

Are you familiar with Cognitive Fluency. Fancy name, right? Think of it this way… every time you purchase a pair of running shoes, you buy the same shoes, from the same place, at the same price. It’s mindless. It’s easy. It’s proven. You won’t regret your decision, or even get shin splints. Your brain took the flat road, and you don’t need to spend time researching the latest technologies in running shoes, where to purchase and risk buyer’s remorse.

Cognitive Fluency explains brand loyalty and why you purchase the same thing every single time. You’ve tried it, it worked, and you don’t want to spend time researching alternatives or risk making a poor decision. With this concept in mind, you can easily see why investing in brand experience is so vital in establishing customer loyalty. When you provide a stellar experience, it becomes that much easier to drive referrals and repeat purchases. Now, doesn’t this sound like the easy decision?

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