Part 5: Building Your Marketing Plan, Inspiration from Thought Leaders

Our Talkable Handbook for Referral Marketing: From Science to Purchase has been available for just over a month now and the reactions have been incredible!

The Handbook proves Referral Marketing is more than just jargon, it’s a the method of how people persuade and influence each other in the decision making process. Written on a bedrock of comprehensive research- in-depth studies, referral-centric articles, and deep analysis- the Handbook has citations and references throughout.

We wanted to take a moment to mention a few of those thought leaders and subject matter experts. These bright minds have published truly thought-provoking articles. We want to thank them for inspiring us.

Hunter Walk @hunterwalk
Article: Referral Programs Power the On-Demand Economy

Our Take: We love how Hunter referenced referral programs that we engage with on a daily basis- Uber, Shyp and Munchery. He referenced that analysis of certain topics would make for a great tech blog post- how about an entire Handbook?!

John Jantsch @ducttape
Article: The Art of Referral Conversion. In Duct Tape Marketing

Our Take: John has a great way of describing the core milestones of a referral marketing program- a special lead, closing the cycle and appreciation. We took his process, added some meat and explained the five steps to setup a referral program that adhere to his requirements.

Aileen Lee @aileenlee
Article: Social Proof is the New Marketing

Our Take: Aileen’s experience investing in consumer internet ventures- if anyone understands the battle for customer attention in a crowded marketplace- it’s her. Her breakdown of Social Proof had a tremendous impact on allowing our team to understand the psychology of influence.

These thought leaders have written several articles about referral marketing in their careers. There are several others referenced in our Handbook. If you are curious to know why reading the Handbook is so essential, referral is the most powerful force in driving new business for online brands.

If you can think of an inspiring thought leader in the referral space that we may have overlooked, please reference it in the comments. At Talkable, we are naturally curious and eager to read new articles related to our marketing and industry.

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