Part 4: Building Your Marketing Plan from Scratch, Client Success Stories

With planning well underway on your marketing plan, you have likely started to envision success and are seeking some inspiration as you prepare to launch. Welcome to Part 4 of our series on How to Build A Marketing Plan from Scratch. Today, we will feature two success stories from our customers: Pura Vida Bracelets and Plastc Card.

Our Clients

Pura Vida crafts handmade bracelets. The company sought to achieve additional sales through referral while eliminating suspected fraud. Plastc Card is financial hardware company that offers a single payment card. The company was hoping to capitalize on the new product excitement and buzz through newly acquired pre-order customers. Let’s dive deep into both of these case studies and show you what success might look like for your business.

Pura Vida Bracelets

While partnered with another referral marketing platform, 10% of Pura Vida’s sales were claimed to be generated by referrals. However, this number sounded too good to be true… was fraud inflating these numbers? The point solution was unable to provide accurate reporting justifying these results. The team at Pura Vida grew suspicious of these numbers and needed a better solution.

The referral program was re-launched on the Talkable platform with the same offer. The Talkable fraud detection algorithm discovered several scammers were gaming the program and previous reported sales numbers were in fact incorrect. Talkable dramatically increased performance with the same offer with improved creative execution, higher campaign visibility, and optimization based on A|B test results.

Talkable also eliminated virtually all instances of self-referral fraud. Now, the Talkable platform is driving 12% of total revenue for Pura Vida. Since fraud is commonplace in the referral channel, it is crucial to protect your business by identifying a referral platform, like Talkable, that can ensure security against customer gamification as well as provide accurate performance analysis and reports.

Plastc Card

New to market with big excitement around the product launch, Plastc designed a pre-order referral campaign to generate sales as part of their go-to market strategy. Plastc sought out a referral partner experienced in pre-order campaigns and reward strategies with a solution-oriented philosophy. The clear choice is Talkable.

The Talkable Customer Success Team coached Plastc to design a compelling offer for their advocates, generate regular email reminders encouraging those advocates to continually refer friends, and leverage the Talkable platform to drive maximum campaign engagement as part of the pre-order strategy.

47% of Plastc Card customers shared the referral offer with their friends. And, 28% of those referred customers made a purchase on the Plastc website. Plastc achieved $5.2 million in pre-order sales during the first week, with Talkable contributing 36.8% to overall revenue. Campaign goals far exceeded client expectations as the Talkable platform was responsible for 36.8% of total revenue. The referral program and launch was a tremendous success. A strong referral partner coupled with a well-designed program can make substantial financial impacts for your business.

Now, It’s Your Turn!

In summary, both Pura Vida and Plastc have confidence in the Talkable platform and our Customer Success Team. They have achieved great success with a proven referral partner. At Talkable we empower our customers to launch, measure, test, and iterate your referral program in order to maximize marketing plan performance. We encourage data-driven decisions and solutions. We want to help your business find the perfect balance between the size of the offer and generated sales. We help good companies grow.

You’re rock solid in your marketing planning, your business objectives and your referral program…but do you also have confidence in your referral platform? The success Pura Vida and Plastc have experienced can be yours. At Talkable we are here to partner with you, help you reach your goals, and lead you down a path of continued success. Ultimately referrals are about happy customers and about using those happy customers to get more customers- we will help you do just that.

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