Part 3: Creating Your Marketing Plan from Scratch, Using Our Worksheet

By now, you have likely read through both Part 1 & Part 2 on Creating Your Marketing Plan from Scratch. We’ve discussed media categories, the channels, the objective, the target, the offer, advocacy and optimization and how it all works for your e-business. And with the release of The Handbook for Referral Marketing: From Science to Purchase you now have access to our template to help you build your action plan.

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This Worksheet allows you to document and record your objective, details and specifics about your target audience, as well as the various referral incentives and the intended targets. This document is also a place for you to decide on your follow-up strategy, the details behind it, as well as integration tactics.

Ensure you have a follow-up plan for your referred leads. And, be sure you recognize that referred leads aren’t the same as leads generated from other marketing channels. See them differently, and treat them differently. Really consider each component of your plan. We did heavy-lifting to think through what you need to be successful from the start.

Access this worksheet on page 26 of the Handbook. Print it out, meet with your team(s) and start to put pen to paper as you detail out your Referral Marketing program. Remember, you need to choose an ambitious yet attainable goal that referral will solve for your business needs- including, customer acquisition and increasing the repurchase rate of your current customers.

We want to hear from you! Let us know how the Talkable Handbook for Referral Marketing has helped inform your marketing plans in the comments below. Have a question? Be sure to comment down below or reach out @Talkable and we’ll engage in conversation to help you through the process.

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